TiBook And OS X Subverts InfoWorld Writer

Appleis Switch ads are a success, but there are some who view them with indifference, believing that their own technical prowess makes them immune to the benefits of owning a Mac. When Tom Yager, a writer for InfoWorld, got an assignment that required him to use a TiBook he was neither anxious nor optimistic, as he explains in an article he wrote for InfoWorld titled Switching by choice:

To research InfoWorldis recent Special Report: Apple Unpeeled, I voluntarily shelved my IBM ThinkPad and carried a PowerBook G4 instead (See "Too big for its niches" ). I wasnit trying to emulate the switch experience. Rather, I was looking for the quickest way to reconnect with a platform I hadnit used in years. A long business trip would give me plenty of time to immerse myself in Mac OS X.


During the two-week trip, I didnit miss my ThinkPad. My hotel had high-speed Internet, so I did some serious downloading. I pulled in Fink, an automated tool that seeks out Mac OS X-specific editions of Unix utilities and applications. I asked Fink to get X Window, which Mac OS X is inexplicably lacking. Fink had to compile it, and I found the 800MHz PowerBook G4is performance equal to the task. I was able to work in the foreground without a marked decrease in responsiveness. I also brought in Microsoftis Terminal Server client to connect to a lab server and was amazed by its speed.

Read Mr. Yageris full account of his Switch experience at the InforWorld Web site.