TiBook Supply Constraints Easing, Cupertino Retailer Reports Getting "Pallets Of PowerBooks&quo

The folks at Elite Computers & Software sent us a note saying they had gotten all kinds of PowerBooks, filling all back orders, and leaving plenty to sell to you and me. They sent along a picture of their store front too, and so we thought we would tell you about it. According to Elite:

Elite Computers & Software, an Apple Specialist located directly across the street from Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA , announces receiving large quantities of the Titanium PowerBook G4is in both 400MHz and 500MHz configurations. "All back orders have been filled and Elite Computers & Software now has Pallets of Titanium PowerBook G4is in stock today and available for immediate sale," said Thomas Armes, President & CEO of Elite Computers & Software. Store hours are M-F 9-9 and Sat & Sun 10-9. Elite Computers & Software store can be reached at 408.257.8000

Click on the thumb for a larger image.
Check out that 6 color logo too!

Normally we charge for advertisements, but in this case, news about plenty of PowerBooks is just too good not to pass along!