Tick-Tock: Time Palette Update Released

Time Palette has released an update for Time Palette, bringing it to version 5.2. Time Palette is a world time and mapping app with real-time weather conditions and distance calculators. The update features minor enhancements including interface mods and bug fixes. According to Time Palette:

Trygve Inda, developer of the premiere world time and mapping tool, Time Palette, announces the availability of Time Palette 5.2 the flagship product in a line of cross-platform world time and mapping tools.

Time Palette provides extensive features for the international business traveler including: world time, alarms, international call scheduling, an extensive almanac, distance calculator and worldwide weather. An extendable database containing detailed time zone information for more than 10,000 cities is included. In addition, Time Palette displays multiple world maps demarcating the earthis sun and moon illumination in real-time.

Changes in Time Palette 5.2:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when closing the Info Panel while a weather update was in progress
  • Fixed a display bug in the "daylight graphs" while the Info Panel was in the background under all versions of OS X
  • City names within the popup city boxes are now displayed using smooth text under OS X
  • Menus in the Time Bar now use a smaller font
  • Altered the size and positioning of the the Time Bar to conform to OS 10.2
  • Altered the size and positioning of the Atlas and Almanac lists to conform to OS 10.2
  • Altered the size and positioning of the City Configuration Dialog Box to conform to OS 10.2

You can find more information about the Time Palette update at the Time Palette Web site. Time Palette 5.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$29.95.