TimeSlice Released From Casady & Greene

Casady & Greene have released a new version of TimeSlice, bringing it to version 2.2.4. TimeSlice is a time tracking billing app designed for attorneys or anyone who bills for time. According to Casady & Greene:

TimeSlice, an easy-to-use time-tracking and billing application for Mac OS 8.6-10.x users, has been added to the award-winning product line of Casady & Greene!

Donit lose another billable hour TimeSlice is useful for consultants, attorneys, graphic and web designers, and anyone who bills for time, or needs a simple solution for keeping track of time events.

Track all billable hours TimeSlice helps to keep you on budget--you wonit lose another billable minute! No more guessing the seconds, minutes or hours; no more hash marks on pieces of paper to track the time spent on clients or projects. Best of all, you can generate a professional report or invoice for that important project or client.

Start tracking time easily with TimeSlice--just click a button to start recording time, and click again to stop. Each time record contains:

  • Date and start/stop time values
  • Client, category, project, expense and hourly rate information
  • Other related information you need to track such as paused time, elapsed time, etc.

You can find more information about TimeSlice at the Casady & Greene Web site. TimeSlice 2.2.4 is available for US$39.99