Time & Budgets Gets Outlook Connectivity

Small Town Software LLC announced Thursday a free upgrade to Time and Budgets version 1.2, its web-based time tracking and budget monitoring software. Along with new features, speed increases and the usual bug fixes, this upgrade introduces new stand-alone software iwidgetsi that pull real-time data from the Time and Budgets network as well as seamless connectivity for Microsoft Outlook users.

Other new features include new tools for data export and MYOB integration, as well an upgraded CORE report engine. With this release, tracking and billing for time is now as simple as keeping your appointment book up-to-date, with no additional software required. Time and Budgets enables users to seamlessly convert their appointment calendars to dollars and cents, monitor project budgets, and print time sheets.

Time and Budgets version 1.2 enables Microsoft Outlook users to enter appointment and project data into only one software application, eliminating double entry, and to have that data seamlessly converted to useable billing information. Data can now flow from Outlook through to Quickbooks with detailed project reports, time sheets and budget alerts made available to project managers in real time.

Also new to version 1.2 are TaBulator widgets that connect to Time and Budgets account and perform specific actions. TaBulator monitor is a new widget that enables users to monitor budgets versus actual time for a specific project. TaBulator projects is a widget that connects to a TaB account and displays a list of projects.

Two versions of Time and Budgets are available. A low-cost hosted version is available for US$15 per user and a server-based version is available for $4,900.