Time Clock App Updated

Redcort Software has updated their series of employee time clock tools, Virtual TimeClock. Virtual TimeClock, along with Net TimeClock, provide an easy way for employees and managers to keep track of hours worked. Version 3.02 fixes a number of bugs. According to Redcort Software:

Virtual TimeClock is a full featured software replacement to traditional employee time clocks. Net TimeClock is the companion network client for Virtual TimeClock Professional.

These important maintenance release fixes a number of compatibility issues and program refinements. Here is a detailed list of changes for the new version of Virtual TimeClock Pro:

  • Change - Program now allows manually adding in/out times with 0 time worked.
  • Change - Selecting "New Data File" now opens the assistant and automagically presses the iNew filei button.
  • Fixed - Weekly overtime properly displays in time cards when no daily OT is displayed
  • Fixed - Program no longer stalls at end of Assistant when Serial Number is entered.
  • Fixed - Program now properly save manual entries using 12 oiclock hour.
  • Fixed - Time card security is enforced when ino level checkingi is set for time clock use.
  • Fixed - Holiday leave entry now works properly for multiple employees.
  • Fixed - Time card totals now align properly with wider line spacing.
  • Fixed - Imported data rounds time worked per the setting in the iCalculationsi admin panel.
  • Fixed - Open clock In/Out windows correctly update worker status changes made on the network.
  • Fixed - Time card display dates are now international time format savvy.
  • Fixed - Time cards using hours:minutes format for time worked display properly.
  • Fixed - Time card modification column is now consistently aligned.
  • Fixed - Selecting message mailbox enabled properly when password protection is off.

Virtual TimeClock Pro is available for US$149.95. You can find more information at the Redcort Software web site.