Time Makes iPod shuffle "Gadget of the Week"

Time magazine has named Appleis new iPod shuffle its "Gadget of the Week." The review, penned by Wilson Rothman, cites the shuffleis design aesthetics, ease of use and ergonomics, and sound quality as excellent features setting the iPod shuffle apart from other flash digital media players.

The review also said that the lack of moving parts makes the iPod shuffle ideal for environments where the iPod itself is less well suited.

On the amusing side of things, Mr. Rothman touched on Appleis seeming ability to turn its iPod product line into must-have products.

"Somewhere on a dry-erase board in Cupertino," he wrote, "thereis a formula showing exactly how many cool kids must be seen with iPod Shuffles before the rest of the world suddenly, instinctually, races to a store to plunk down cash for that little white slice of heaven. Wouldnit Bill Gates love to see that?"

There are more details on all the things Mr. Rothman liked about the iPod shuffle in the full review at Time. The piece further elevates the newest iPod family member in the mainstream press.