TinkerTool System Updated to Version 1.7

Marcel Bresink updated TinkerTool System to version 1.7 on Monday. The new version adds nearly two dozen features, enhancements and fixes. One of the new features allows the user to prevent Mac OS X from waking PowerBooks and MacBooks from sleep mode when the lid is opened.

A few of the notable changes in version 1.7 are:

  • Added new feature to let Mac OS X analyze the contents of files, independent of their type codes or file name extensions.
  • Added new feature to modify type and creator codes of files.
  • Added new feature to make file system objects visible or invisible in the Finder.
  • Added new feature to prevent Mac OS X from automatically activating selected hard drive volumes. (Tiger only)
  • Added new feature to repair the System Preferences application if icons or labels have become corrupted (Jaguar and Tiger only).
  • The network optimization feature now supports additional settings for delayed TCP acknowledge which Apple has introduced in Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later.

TinkerTool System, Startup Options

TinkerTool System is a system maintenance tool for Mac OS X, and allows the user to adjust a wide range of operating system settings. This software "strictly complies with the software guidelines for Mac OS X, and also uses Appleis official instructions and recommendations for the resolution of certain system problems," according to Mr. Bresink.

Historically, the TinkerTool series has been very careful about how it changes system settings and handles security. For example, it is fully integrated into the Mac OS X security architecture, never asks for a password itself, but rather authenticates via the OS, and always verifies hat the current user has the credentials to make system changes.

The software is able to substitute for various maintenance applications, such as: cache and font cache cleaners, tools that access hidden preference settings, tools that can alter type and creator codes, network tuning applications, log file browsers, and application deinstallers.

TinkerTool System 1.7 requires Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later and is a Universal Application. It is localized to either English or German. The software is free to download for unlimited trial, and single user license is 7.00.