Tom Bihn Announces 15.4" Checkpoint Flyer & Brain Cell Laptop Bags

Tom Bihn announced Wednesday new variants of its Checkpoint Flyer and Brain Cell laptop bags for Appleis new 15.4" MacBook Pro models. The Checkpoint Flyer line of bags is designed for laptop users wanting to get through TSA checkpoints more swiftly, while the Brain Cell is the companyis laptop insert that clips inside several of the companyis other bags.

The Checkpoint Flyer is a trifold laptop bag designed around recently released TSA guidelines for laptop bags. It, in theory, allows users to not have to unpack their laptops at airport security checks, unfolding in a way the TSA will (supposedly) approve (The company offers a third party video review of the bag that shows how it is used).

The product line uses an insert (again, designed to TSA specifications) that users can replace if they buy a different laptop. Todayis announcement is for a Flyer that includes an insert made specifically to fit Appleis 15.4" MacBook Pro.

The bag comes with several color options, some optional accessories, and the base unit is priced at US$220.

The Checkpoint flyer folded up

The Checkpoint flyer partially unfolded,
with the laptop insert to the left

The Brain Cell is intended as an insert that clips inside other Tom Bihn messenger bags, briefcases, and backpacks. The company said that this includes the Empire Builder, Super Ego, Brain Bag, and Western Flyer. The bags are made from 8mm thick soft foam padding, 4mm hard corrugated plastic, cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam, and 12mm thick premium memory foam.

Todayis announcement is of version of the Brain Cell that is designed to specifically fit the new 15.4" MacBook Pro.

The Horizontal Brain Cell pictured below is priced at $60.

Tom Bihnis Brain Cell laptop insert