Tonight's Your Mac Life Features David Coursey

Shawn Kingis new Internet talk show, Your Mac Life, is broadcasting its second episode after Mr. Kingis departure from The Mac Show Live two weeks ago. The Mac Show also announced that it would relaunch tonight. Your Mac Life is a QuickTime Streaming broadcast that follows the tradition of a traditional radio talk show, and tonightis show will feature David Coursey, the once and future Mac user that is currently in the middle of a 30-day trial with Mac OS X. From Your Mac Life:

The news out of Your Mac Life HQ is coming fast and furious! And, in an amazing turn of events, Shawn has announced that Your Mac Life will soon be moving! Not domains but actual physical locations.

As of March 1st, Shawn will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee to take up residence in that fine Southern town. While this is Vancouver (and Slyis loss), it means that the show will get even more exposure, better guests and bigger prizes!

Tonight, Shawn and Your Mac Life move to a QuickTime Streaming broadcast courtesy of the QuickTime Experts at Digital

And, on tonightis show, the Featured Guest will be David Coursey, Executive Editor of ZDNetis AnchorDesk. David is making a (temporary) move to OS X and Shawn will find out how his first week has been going.

One of the things that impressed Coursey was the video editing abilities of the Mac. It has also impressed the Special Guest on tonightis show, Michael Rubin, renowned author of "Nonlinear" and, most recently, author of "The Little Digital Video Book" from PeachPit Press. Michael says he can teach anyone to edit *professionally* in only half a day! Tune in for some valuable advice and information and two lucky listeners will win Michaelis latest book, compliments of PeachPit Press.

Peter Cohen will also join Shawn with all the Mac Game news and Shawn is handing out his usual variety of prizes from of the Swag Bag - T3Hubs and an iPod Connection Kit from, DiskWarrior from, a Prize Pack from and copies of the Slick Transitions and Effects from

And there are two copies of Microsoftis Office v.X that will be awarded tonight!

Make sure you listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm PT, 9-11pm ET, for the most fun youill have listening to your Mac! And join in the Chat Rooms on the World Without Borders site at or on the Dal.Net servers on IRC in the #yourmaclife Channel.

You can tune in to the show by visiting Your Mac Lifeis Web site at 8:00 PM CST (6:00 PM CST).