Tool Makes E-Commerce Easy

The German company, LEITBILD Media, has released version 3.2 of their e-commerce development package, OpenStore. The new version includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. The press release was generated by native German speakers, so we have made some modifications to somewhat improve the English. Please also note that the LEITBILD Media web site is entirely in German. According to LEITBILD Media:

OPENSTORE 3.2 is available as free update for registered users. The new release marks the next step in building a complete e-commerce package, while also improving performance and addressing several bugs.

Version 3.2 is a step along the way toward version 4.0, which aims to bring greater power, with improved simplicity, for inexperienced users.

The new version had to be rebuilt, and recoded, from the ground up to incorporate the new layout and navigation scheme. Evern more new features, such as an advanced search engine, are expected for the next release. When using OpenStore with EXTENDED Mail 3.0, users get the full range of features for the complete e-commerce solution.

OpenStore is available for US$399, and you can find more information, if you speak German, at the LEITBILD Media web site.