Toon Boom Studio Express 2.5 Delivers QuickTime Export, More

Toon Boom Animation, Inc. announced the release of Tuesday of Toon Boom Studio Express 2.5, a streamlined version of the companyis flagship Toon Boom Studio 2.5 animation software.

Version 2.5 of Toon Boom Studio Express adds several new features, including the ability to export video to QuickTime format, insertion of ready-to-use templates in the library, better manipulation of drawings and keyframes in the Timeline, and Mac OS X 10.3 compatibility.

Toon Boom Studio Express 2.5 is available for a limited time for the introductory price of $69.95. Upgrades are also specially priced at $19.95. Toon Boom Studio 2.5, in contrast, sells for $374.00 (or a $230 upgrade from Express or Academic versions).

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