Toshiba Goes to 5400RPM with 1.8-inch 160GB Hard Drive

Toshiba gave the portable hard drive market a speed boost on Wednesday with the introduction of its new MK1617GSG 1.8-inch 160GB hard drive that spins at 5400RPM. The company claims that the drive does not have a negative impact on battery life, and that it is more shock resistant than larger size, like 2.5-inch, 160GB drives.

The MK1617GSG driveis 5400RPM speed is substantially faster that the 4200RMP speed offered on other 1.8-inch drives, which translates to better performance in laptops and other portable storage devices. At 0.3-inches thick, however, it is too big to fit in Appleis iPod classic.

The company will also release an 80GB version of the drive.

Toshiba plans to ramp up production and start shipping the drives in August. Pricing has not yet been announced.