Track Temperatures Throughout Your House on Your Mac

Onset Computer Corporation announced Tuesday the HOBO Temperature Logger Kit, a temperature tracking solution that combines a HOBO Data Logger and monitoring software for your Mac (or Windows). The package is intended to allow users to get, "a detailed, visual profile of household heat and air conditioning usage."

"The new HOBO Temperature Logger Kit stems from the need of many homeowners who want to go beyond free home energy audits and really understand their energy usage," said Frank Deshaies, Onset product marketing manager, in a statement. "Itis all about giving homeowners greater control and allowing them to focus in on the real opportunities for home energy savings."

The company said that the product can be set up in "minutes," and that the nature of the readouts allows users to easily understand temperatures throughout their homes, and the accompanying efficiency of their heating and cooling efforts.

The product line starts with the HOBO U10 Kit, which includes one HOBO U10 temperature data logger, HOBOware Lite software for your Mac (or Windows), and a USB cable. That kit is priced at US$79.