Track Time And Expenses More Easily

Pandaware has updated their time and expense tracking utility, TimeCache, to version 4.05. TimeCache allows users to easily keep track and record the number of hours spent on any individual project. This can be useful for management and billing purposes. According to Pandaware:

TimeCache 4.0 is full of new features that make tracking time and expenses for billable projects easier than ever on your PowerMac. Use TimeCache 4.0 to make sure youire billing projects accurately -- without wasting a lot of time doing it.

Who uses TimeCache? Graphic designers. Consultants. Copywriters. Art Directors. Attorneys. Architects. Multimedia developers. Web designers. Public Relations firms. Entrepreneurs. Accountants. In short, professionals who bill clients for their time and expenses -- and want to make sure theyire paid in full.

TimeCache is available for US$40. You can find more information at the Pandaware Web site.