Track Your Weight And So Much More

Black Cat Systems has released Health Tracker 2.0. Formerly Weight Tracker, Health Tracker allows users to easily monitor a variety of health vitals, including weight, blood pressure, body fat, and others. The new version runs natively under Mac OS X. According to Black Cat Systems:

Black Cat Systems has released version 2.0.0 of Health Tracker (formerly Weight Tracker), a graphing program to track health related measurements. Health Tracker now runs under MacOS X. In addition, a FAT version is also available for older systems.

Health Tracker is a simple yet powerful program which helps you keep track of and graph any health related measurement. For example, if you are diabetic you could track your blood glucose levels. For weight loss, you could track your weight, measurements for various body parts, or your % body fat. Or, if you keep track of your blood pressure, you could use Health Tracker for that. Health Tracker also keeps track of your rate of losses or gains for each measurement, and evaluates your time to goal (if a goal is entered) based on that rate, which is valuable if you are using it to track weight losses or gains. The more information entered, the more accurate the program becomes in itis estimates.

Health Tracker is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Black Cat Systems Web site.