Transmit 3.2 Adds .Mac Sync of Favorites

Panic, Inc. announced Monday version 3.2 of Transmit, its Mac file transfer client.

Transmit 3.2 improves the reliability of SFTP and iDisk connections, the company said in a prepared statement, and adds a "use queue for all transfers" preference.

Other new Tiger-specific features include the ability to synchronize favorites between multiple computers, add FTP actions -- upload, download, or synchronize -- to your Automator workflows, searching via Spotlight, local Smart Folder support, and a Transmit Dashboard Widget for quick file uploads to a server.

Transmit 3.2 is a free upgrade for all Transmit 3 owners. For unpaid users, Transmit 3 retails for US$29.95, and $17.95 to upgrade from Transmit 2.