Tri-BACKUP Updated to Version 5: Universal Binary, New Features

Tri-Edre announced Wednesday the release of Tri-BACKUP, the companyis backup utility for Mac OS X. Tri-BACKUP 5 is a Universal Binary, adds new types of actions, and the ability to back up to different types of media or via FTP.

Tri-BACKUP offers to modes of operations: Immediate Actions for immediate backups, synchronization, and restorations, and Programmed Actions for scheduled, automatic events. The new version adds to the list of actions available.

In addition to backing up to other hard drives, Tri-BACKUP 5 also allows users to back up to CDs or DVDs, to an FTP server, or to copy from an FTP server. The software supports Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") and Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") only.

The software is available immediately, and can be downloaded from the companyis Web site. Licenses start at US$69 for the standard version and $99 for the Pro version. You can find full pricing and Euro pricing at the Tri-BACKUP site.Tri-BACKUP is available at: