Trifinity Shipping Visual iTunes Plug-In

Trifinity Software has released a new app for Mac users, Collage 1.0. Collage is a visual iTunes plug-in designed for the searching and displaying of images related to songs being played within iTunes. According to Trifinity Software:

Trinfinity Software released today Collage 1.0, a Visual Plugin for iTunes.

One of the many spectacular features of iTunes is itis Visual Plug-ins. iTunes can display graphics on your screen, while music is playing, that move and change along with the music.

Collage searches the Internet for images relating to the artist, track, and album that are playing. Collage then displays a never ending collage of these images on your screen. The images are different for every song. You may see album covers, photos of performances, photos of band members, or just about anything.

Keep in mind that due to the nature of this software, it is very unpredictable. For some songs it may not find any images or perhaps only one image. Some of the images that are found may be obviously related to the song that is playing and some may seem to be completely unrelated (Collage seems to work best with popular songs).

You can find more information about the Collage 1.0 release at the Trifinity Software Web site. Collage 1.0 is available as freeware.