Trifinity Software Shipping ASCII Tools Pro 1.0

Trifinity Software has released a new development tool for Mac users, ASCII Tools Pro 1.0. ASCII Tools Pro is a text utility designed for converting text to ASCII compliant standards during development. The app ships with several functions including a table that supports decimal, hexadecimal, and HTML entities. According to Trifinity Software:

Trinfinity Software released ASCII Tools Pro 1.0 today.

ASCII Tools Pro is a development tool for Macintosh developers. It allows developers to easily manipulate text faster, saving time and money.

Before ASCII, most computers had their own codes for storing letters. This made it difficult to exchange data between computers. For example, computer number one represents the letter A as 42 and computer number two represents the letter Q as 42, then when a text file was transferred from computer number one to computer number two, all of the Ais would be replaced with Qis.

ASCII Tools Pro, like itis freeware predecessor ASCII Tools, contains a table that allows developers to convert a character to itis ASCII value in decimal and in hexadecimal. ASCII Tools Pro is much more advanced. ASCII Tools Prois table contains character, decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary values plus HTML Entities and keyboard combinations. Press a key on the keyboard while in the table and the table automatically scrolls to the entry for that key.

Here are some examples of the Actions that come with ASCII Tools Pro:

  • Convert character to base value
  • Add or remove C style comments
  • Add or remove C++ style comments
  • Capitalize, Lowercase, or Uppercase
  • Digits to words or words to digits
  • Add or remove email quoting
  • Rot13 encode/decode
  • URL encode.
  • Get nth field
  • Add or remove HTML elements
  • Count characters, lines, or words
  • Add or remove line numbers
  • Blank or cross out characters
  • Convert characters into a hangman game
  • Sample REALbasic code
  • Remove punctuation
  • Reverse words or entire document
  • Trim spaces

You can find more information about the ASCII Tools Pro release at the Trifinity Software Web site. ASCII Tools Pro is available for US$10.00.