Trifinty Updates Time Track With Auto Track Feature

Trifinity Software has released an update for Time Track, bringing it to version 1.2. Time Track is a tracking app designed for professionals that are paid based on time spent. The update features numerous enhancements including an Auto Track feature that is application independent and bug fixes. According to Trifinity Software:

Trinfinity Software released today a major update to Time Track, itis popular "time tracking" software.

Time Trackis new AutoTrack feature allows users to automatically track the time spent using almost any application without having to click on the start and stop button. This feature has been designed to greatly enhance workflow and prevent the user from losing time because they forgot to start logging.

The AutoTrack Monitor window allows the user to see which AutoTrack applications are running and how much time has elapsed since they started being logged. New features have been added to allow Time Track to run autonomously in the background, including the ability to have Time Track launched when the computer boots up and the ability to send the application to the background when launched.

Time Track is now AppleScriptable and the downloadable archive contains sample scripts for controlling Time Track.

Time Trackis Control Strip Module (CSM), called Time Track Strip, is now complete.

Numerous other improvements have been made to make using Time Track easier and faster.

This update also includes some notable bug fixes.

You can find more information about the Time Track update at the Trifinity Software Web site. Time Track 1.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$24.95.