Trolltech Shipping Qt 3.3 With 64-bit Processing And .NET Support

Trolltech has released an update for Qt, bringing it to version 3.3. Qt is a utility designed for cross-platform software development. The latest release features several enhancements including .NET support and 64-bit processing. According to Trolltech:

Trolltech®, the leader in multiplatform development frameworks, today announced the availability of Qt® 3.3.

With the release of version 3.3, Qt gains support for a variety of new technologies, including Microsoft™ .NET platform, 64-bit processing, and IPv6. In addition, Qt 3.3 adds support for the GNU C++ compiler on Windows (MinGW gcc). This makes it even easier to build multiplatform applications, as developers can use the same API - Qt - and the same compiler - gcc - on Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

New Qt 3.3 features include:

Qt-based applications can now both live inside, and coexist with, the .NET framework. Developers can either have Qt-based applications interoperate with .NET via ActiveX, or use a manual approach using Microsoftis managed extensions for C++. Both approaches allow developers to use the Qt toolkit while still ensuring their applications are .NET enabled.

64-bit processing support included in 3.3 enables superior performance for large amounts of data processing in areas such as advanced visualization in Qt-based applications.

Qt applications built with 3.3 can now transparently support secure Internet Protocols v4 and v6, ensuring that Qt is a safe bet for the development of Internet-aware applications.

You can find more information about the Qt update at the Trolltech Web site. The Qt update is free for rregistered users, while the full version is available starting at US$1,550.00.