Trusted Reviews Gives Mac mini High Marks

UK review site Trusted Reviews has published a review of Appleis new Mac mini that heaps praise upon the product, and gives it a nine (out of 10) for features, a seven for performance, an eight for value, and a nine for the overall rating. In addition, the reviewer called the Mac mini a "master stroke by Apple," and one that is perfect for what the reviewer called "Switcher Man."

"The Mac mini is the Apple computer aimed at iSwitcher Mani, wrote the reviewer, Benny Har-Evan. "Previously though, Appleis high pricing was something of a cold shower for the potential switcher, but when the response to the question, iso how much does it cost?i is a mere £339, Switcher Man is, perhaps for the first time, seriously tempted."

Offering anecdotal evidence, as well as a more direct approach to the review, Mr. Har-Evan noted that when he brought the Mac mini to his office, "Everyone wanted to look at it, pick it up and take it home."

On the practical side, Mr. Har-Evan said that the unit needs more than the 256 megabytes of RAM included, and the 40 gigabyte hard drive is too small. From a performance standpoint, however, his conclusion is that the Mac mini will be enough for most users, as long as they boost the memory.

In the "verdict" section, he gets down to the point by saying: "If youire cool on Macs, the mini will start to warm you to them, but for those already tempted, we heartily recommend it. If the PC user is a Neanderthal and the Mac user the evolved sophisticate, the Switcher Man, hovering between them, is the missing link -- and the Mac mini will be his weapon of choice."

You can find the full, three-page review at Trusted Review.