Tuck Those Passwords Safely In That Wallet

Selznick Scientific Software has updated their password protection/storage utility, PasswordWallet, to version 2.3. PasswordWallet allows users to store a variety of sensitive information, such as passwords and PIN numbers, in a safe, secure place. According to Selznick Scientific Software:

PasswordWallet? is a convenient, easy to use, safe, secure place to store all your usernames, passwords, PIN numbers, combinations and notes. It just doesnit get any easier than this!

Add a record on your Macintosh, synchronize with your Palm compatible PDA, and take your passwords with you! Both the Macintosh and Palm versions encrypt all of their data with powerful 448-bit BlowFish encryption.

PasswordWallet for Macintosh is available for US$15, while the Palm OS version is available for US$12. You can find more information at the Selznick Scientific Software Web site.