Tunewear Announces Cases & Clips for iPod/iPod mini

Tunewear has announced several iPod and iPod mini accessories today, including the WATERWEAR cases, POPTUNE wrappers, PRIE HOOK hooks, and the ALUMINUM CLIP for ICEWEAR cases.

WATERWEAR for 4G iPods and WATERWEAR mini for iPod minis are water resistant cases made of "hard toughened plastic" that includes a waterproof seal. The scroll wheel is accessible through a silicone wheel window (patent pending), and the case comes with a headphone isolator plug. The product is available for iPod and iPod mini, and the company says it can work with the iPod photo, but at the risk of scratching that somewhat thicker version of the iPod. The WATERWEAR series will ship in January for US$24.95.

POPTUNE is a removable wrapper for the iPod mini, and comes in 8 styles: Leopard, Zebra, Americana, Polka Dot, Pastel Check, Hounds Tooth, Camouflage, and Heartbeats. POPTUNE will ship in January of 2005 for $8.95.

PRIE HOOK is a leather case for 4G iPods and iPod Photo, and PRIE HOOK mini covers the iPod mini. The case comes with a hook that can be hooked on any loop. The case closes from the bottom, which the company says makes it easier to use an iPod docking cradle. The cases will ship in January of 2005 for $54.

ALUMINUM CLIP for ICEWEAR, like the name suggests, is an aluminum clip intended to be used with Tunewearis ICEWEAR line of cases. Each clip is "carved from a solid block of aluminum by computer programmed and guided drill, and laser etched with the TUNEWEAR logo and icarved from solid aluminum blocki message." The clip mechanism is spring loaded to prevent it from coming open, and fits over the ICEWEAR case. The clip ships in January of 2005 for $18.85.

You can find more information and images of all the products at the above links.