Tunewear Announces Silicone iPod shuffle Case

Tunewear announced Wednesday the Icewear shuffle, a new protective silicone case made for Appleis iPod shuffle.

The new cover (see photo below) is made of high-density transparent silicone similar to the material found in diving masks which allows for both portection from scratches and ink or pen marks and a clear view of the iPodis original form.

Shock absorbing ribs on the sides not only serve to protect the iPod shuffle during falls, but also provide extra grip for the iPod shuffle to stop it slipping around in your hand or on almost any surface. When held up to light, the ribs make the iPod shuffle appear to glow, the company said.

The Icewear shuffle design allows access to all ports including the headphone jack, control pad, slider switch and USB connector.

The new protective cover will retail for US$19.95 and will be available for purchase at the end of May.