Turn Your Slides Into Gold With Slide Alchemy

Need a cool template for that special slide, the one that clinches your slide show and makes your presentation a memorable experience? Maybe you just need something more than the same-oli same-oli up on the screen at your next meeting. You may want to check out Blue Worxis new presentation package, Slide Alchemy. According to Blue Worx:

Blue Worx, a Phoenix, Arizona based graphic design firm, announces the first offering in its specialized line of products for presenters - Slide Alchemy.

The dual PC/Mac CD of presentation backgrounds offers users a great variety of looks from the most basic templates to inspirational works of art, that will enhance the presentations of novices as well as seasoned professionals. An html thumbnail viewer, opened with your own installed web browser, Explorer/Netscape, facilitates easy selection. All the background offerings come in convenient .ppt file format for PowerPoint? users as well as .jpg format, which provides for usage in many other software programs.

You can find more information at the Powerbacks Web site. Slide Alchemy is available for US$49.95.