Tweak Your Interface For Cheap

Interface customization genius Greg Landweber is offering a discount on a number of his popular applications. Gregis Bundle, consisting of Power Windows, Smooth Type, and Gregis Browser, allows users to "tweak" their interface experience, and offers OS 9 users some of the interface features of OS X. According to Mr. Landweber:

Gregis Shareware is pleased to announce a special holiday bundle, offering Power Windows, SmoothType, and Gregis Browser together for only $20, half off the usual shareware fees! To take advantage of this deal, you must register "Gregis Bundle" by December 31.

Power Windows (available separately for $10) is a control panel that lets you drag windows as solid or transparent images instead of just a dotted outline. It also has options for fading Finder windows (in place of the zoom rectangle animation), fading menus, and translucent menus!

SmoothType (available separately for $10) is a control panel that effectively doubles the resolution of text on the screen by blurring the edges of bitmap fonts with shades of gray, a technique called "anti-aliasing". SmoothType offers greater flexibility and uses a more aggressive smoothing algorithm than Appleis built-in font smoothing.

Winner of a MacUser Shareware Award for Best Utility, Gregis Browser lets you quickly and easily navigate your way through the files on your hard disk, giving a compact multi-pane view of your folder hierarchy. Gregis Browser was originally based on the NeXT OS directory browser, which is the same model that Apple is using for the multiple column view in Mac OS X.

You can find more information about these great products at Mr. Landweberis web site.