Type Saving Utility Upgraded

John V. Holder Software has updated their type saving utility, TypeSaver, to version 1.0.1. TypeSaver records your typing for recovery in case of a crash. The new version includes enhanced features. According to John V. Holder Software:

Have you ever crashed after typing for an hour and forgot to save your work? Well, I have! I was tired of losing my work and forgetting to save periodically, so, I created TypeSaver. Itis a very simple program. Just drop TypeSaver into the Control Panels folder and restart. Now, every key you press (you can define which keys to save or ignore) will be saved to a file after a specified number of keystrokes (from 10 to 1000). This is an excellent way to make sure you wonit lose any typing because of a crash or an easy way to keep track of what other people are doing on your computer when youire not around! The folder that contains the file(s) that the keystrokes are saved to can be hidden and this control panel can be locked and password protected if you wish.

Another handy feature of TypeSaver is the ability to auto-save documents in any application after a specified number of keystrokes or mouse clicks.

Updated in version 1.01:

  1. The file size of the text files created by TypeSaver will be 31,000 characters, rather than 32,000. SimpleText cannot open 32,000 character files...
  2. TypeSaver can now create up to 1000 files, rather than just 6.
  3. If using the auto-save feature for an application, TypeSaver will now pay attention to the fact that youive unchecked the Mouse Clicks or Key Presses check boxes. Also, if the user types Command-S in an application that is set up to auto-save, the mouse click and key press counter with be reset to 0. Added new preference check box for those who only want to use the auto-save feature to turn off type saving.

System Requirements. Min. System..: 7 on up through OS9!

Min. Hardware: Mac SE or better (Works great on PowerMacs!)

You can find more information on the product at Mr. Holderis Web site. TypeSaver is priced at US$10 shareware. The update is free to registered users.