UBS Warburg: iMac Sales Defy Industry Slump

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Analysts see iMac sales as a bright spot in dark times. In a C|Net article by Margret Kane, industry analysts had a lot of good things to say about the projected sales figures of Appleis new iMac. While noting the fact that final numbers are not available industry wide, the article cites a UBS Warburg analyst who is projecting that Apple will sell some 1.3 million of the new iMacs this year. From the article:

"There is an overwhelming amount of demand for the new iMacs, despite the higher price points," UBS Warburg analyst Don Young wrote in a research report Thursday.

Young, who noted that the new iMacs were "gaining traction," based his comments on a private meeting with a senior executive in charge of Appleis retail operations. "The Apple Store is exceeding Appleis traffic expectations," he said.

Apple, according to the article, couldnit be more pleased. From the article:

Apple said in late January that it had received a "record-breaking 150,000 pre-orders for the new iMac." The systems debuted to much acclaim in January. Apple was immediately besieged with orders, pushing back shipping dates by a week or so.

It appears that such demand has even caused shortages in some stores. You can read more information in the full article.

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