UNIX, Everyone?: ComputerWorld Thinks Macs Have Inside Track

COMPUTERWORLDis Dan Gillmore has written a piece that ruminates about UNIX being on the rise, and he says that Macs are leading the way. Mr. Gillmore believes that, because of the potential of OS X, UNIX may be enjoying a long overdue resurgence. In his article, Unix on Rise? Macis OS X May Mark Spot, Mr. Gilmore describes the state of Linux for the desktop computing environment, and says -

... For all its strides above and below the desktop (the latter in embedded uses), Linux hasnit made enough progress to get me off Windows, much as I want to shed the Microsoft monopoly.

Yet Iim typing this column on a PC running a variant of Unix. In fact, this version of Unix is becoming by far the most popular for desktop users, at least in the U.S.

The PC is a Macintosh.

Mr. Gillmore goes on to say how OS X has given consumers of desktop computers a choice other than Microsoft, and concludes:

Oddly, the rise of the new Mac OS could end up being good for Linux. Applications that run well on OS X could be ported back to Linux, giving developers a larger target market than they have today.

Are we going back to the future with Unix? Itis no longer a trick question.

The COMPUTERWORLD article is a good read - stop by and take a gander.