URL Manager Pro Joins The OS X Parade

Alco Blom has updated his URL organization utility, URL Manager Pro, to version 3.0d6. URL Manager Pro allows users to store and organize their bookmarks in one central location allows access to them from any number of applications. The latest version is optimized for OS X 10.0. According to Mr. Blom:

Available as of today a special preview of URL Manager Pro on X, especially tuned to the final Mac OS X release.

In particular, making use of the LaunchServices API only available in the release version of Mac OS X, this preview of URL Manager Pro lets you launch Internet applications correctly when you double click your bookmarks.

URL Manager Pro the professional bookmark manager on Mac OS X with support for the Mac OS X browsers: Explorer, iCab and OmniWeb.

URL Manager Pro is available for US$25. You can find more information at the URL Manager Pro Web site.