US$2 Off TMO Mac T-Shirts

We introduced our own line of TMO Mac T-shirts last week. We are currently offering them for US$2 off, when you use coupon code TMO-01 at checkout. That discount is good off of your entire order, so if you end up placing multiple orders to get the discount on every product your order, the only people who will care are your bank and your credit card company.

The TMO "Classic" shirt with our logo on front, and the tag line
"Youill get your Mac news here from now on..."

We are also offering mugs and shirts with the phrase "...because Windows sucks," because, well, we donit much care for that other OS, now do we?

The slogan says it all

There are other products at our new online store, and we hope you stop by and order something. Remember to use coupon code TMO-01 at checkout to get your discount.