USA Today: Mac mini Could Make Windows Users Ponder Switching

The positive Mac and Apple coverage continues to rain down from the mainstream press, and USA Today has added its voice to the din. Personal technology columnist Edward C. Baig said that the Mac mini is inexpensive enough to make some Windows users consider Switching.

Mr. Baig praised the size, weight, and looks of the Mac mini, how quiet it is, its ability to seamlessly use PC peripherals like a display, mouse, and keyboard, and several other aspects of the Mac mini. Add that in to the price, and Mr. Baig said that Apple has its best chance to gain market share yet.

"Once all is said and done," wrote Mr. Baig, "the Mac Mini will cost more than comparable entry-level Windows machines. You could make the case, though, that with the software loaded on the Mini, youire getting more bang for your buck."

He also noted some of the problems that many Windows users face in the Windows world.

"Other factors could make Windows customers ponder a switch. Thanks to the iPod, legions of PC users have been wowed by Appleis technical prowess. And the maddening virus/spyware epidemic may have led some Windows customers to beg for alternatives. (Macs have so far been immune to the scourge.) Some longtime PC users might now willingly invest in a Mac."

The full article goes into much more detail, and he does name a couple of small quibbles. You can find it at USA Today.