USA Today's Gene Steinberg Says "Switch!"

The Press doesnit get anymore mainstream than USA Today. Millions of readers pick it up daily to get news, commentary, and more. Gene Steinbergis books are also read by millions &emdash; heis written everything from Mac ihelpi books to Science Fiction novels to the occasional editorial. Combine USA Today and Gene Steinberg and you have to believe a lot of people will pay attention, and they do. Mr. Steinberg has an article appearing on USA Today Online titled "For Mac users, a life less complicated," in which he offers some insight on what it is to be a Mac user now and back in the days when PCs only ran DOS. From the article:

A couple of years ago, a neighbor bought my old scanner to install on his home-built Pentium. He had the latest SCSI cards, graphic accelerators, sound cards, the whole nine yards. My scanner was a cross-platform model, designed to work on a Mac or PC, simply by using different software drivers. When I first purchased it, I hooked it up to my Mac and had it running in a few minutes. I even got the PC software for my neighbor, so he didnit have to hunt for it at the manufactureris Web site. But after weeks of struggling, he still couldnit make that scanner run properly. Finally he traded it off for someone elseis scanner, and after a further struggle, induced that unit to run... well, sometimes anyway.

Mr. Steinbergis article is an excellent way to spend the few moment it takes to read it and we highly recommend it.