Ultralingua For Palm 2.0 Now Shipping

Ultralingua has released a new version of Ultralingua for Palm, bringing it to version 2.0. Ultralingua is a foreign language dictionary designed for improving comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar with deployment on the popular hand held device. The latest release features automatic verb conjugation and entry addition support. According to Ultralingua:

Ultralingua announces the release of version 2.0 of the Ultralingua Dictionaries for Palm OS.

Ultralinguais renowned Palm dictionaries series has just leapt well beyond the competition. How good is it? Sony signed it for an OEM distribution even before it was officially released!

In addition to offering the richest language databases in the Palm OS market, Ultralingua now offers:

  • Automatic verb conjugation of thousands of verbs (available for most languages). Need to conjugate any verb? Just click on the "V" icon in the toolbar! (No other Palm dictionary offers this powerful feature!)
  • Add entry: Want to add your own entries to Ultralingua? No problem! Click on the toolbar icon, and you are off to the races! (User additions are automatically backed up on your desktop machine whenever you hot-sync.)
  • Edit/delete entry: Make a mistake in your additions? Fix it with this new feature! (Only user entries may be modified.)
  • Toggle between languages: Move quickly back and forth between languages, or even change modules, via the new language button!
  • VFS: Enhanced support for VFS (memory card, memstick, etc.)
  • History : Retrace your steps via the "back" button, or though the history list
  • High-Resolution: Takes advantage of new hi-resolution screens with Palm OS 5.0
  • System-wide find: Access Ultralingua from within other applications (select a word and click on the find icon (magnifying glass icon on your PDA)
  • New icons: Copy and paste via command strokes or via the toolbar

You can find more information about the Ultralingua for Palm 2.0 release at the Ultralingua Web site. The update is US$12.95 for 1.x users, while the full version is available for US$29.95.