"Undo" Actions In The Finder!

Observer Lee Givens writes in about a new feature in Mac OS X 10.1 that we had yet to mention. Appleis newest update includes the ability to "Undo" actions in the Finder, including file name changes (in a limited fashion), and moving files. The "Undo" feature is accessed with the traditional "Command-Z" keystroke. It should be noted that file name changes can only "Undone" while they are still highlighted. From Lee Givenis note:

I have been trying this with every release of the Mac OS since System 8.0. Apple originally promised this in Copland, the ability to UNDO a misplaced file in Finder. If you accidentally place a file or folder in the wrong place, you can press (or select) UNDO and it will go back to the original location. If you really wanted to move it and you just pressed UNDO, you can just press UNDO again and it will REDO the previous action. You can also copy and paste items in Finder. Very cool and Iim glad itis finally here.

Thanks to Observer Lee for the note! If you notice anything new in Mac OS X 10.1, let us know. You may also want to check out our list of other new features in the new OS.