Unexpected Reasons Why Macs Are Enterprise Ready

Word has been spreading on the enterprise grapevine that Macs are enterprise ready in ways that hadnit been realized before, according to Computerworld on Friday.

Macs have arrived at a point where there is a compelling list of reasons why theyire well suited for the enterprise. Namely:

  • IT Managers are tired of viruses and malware
  • Linux is too hard to learn
  • Web 2.0 services are OS agnostic
  • Appleis migration to Intel and virtualization
  • Mac OS X integration with Active Directory
  • IT decision makers are more exposed to Macs in the household and have come to better understand their strengths

Decision makers have come to realize that each Mac model only comes in only one basic flavor (disregarding some configuration options). In contrast to business machines that are stripped down to achieve the lowest possible cost, Apple includes standard features that end up providing real, long-term utility.

For example, Macs come with enough memory to make them less susceptible to early obsolescence. Every Macs comes with 802.11g Wi-Fi, gigabit Ethernet, and FireWire. In some cases, a Webcam and remote control are included. This has led IT managers to realize that Intel Macs offer real advantages in the modern enterprise.

Durability and reliability is also an issue. Not only do Macs remain technically viable longer, they last longer. "On the desktop, iMacs and minis are also lauded for their reliability and durability," Seth Weintraub wrote. "They might not have the sturdiness of a Mac Pro, with its 30 lb stainless steel enclosure, but they are constantly rated at the top of their class for dependability. It never hurts to have perennial Consumer Reports reliability winners in your stable of enterprise hardware."

The conclusion was that Appleis elegant, durable, and capable machines are ready to move into the enterprise. That is, if IT managers can get over the idea that quality equipment that has traditionally been aimed at consumers can move directly into their business.