Update For Printing Utility From SearchWare

SearchWare Solutions has released an update for Print Window, bringing it to version1.1. Print Window is a Mac OS X printing utility designed to allow users to print file lists directly from the finder. The update has some user requested bug fixes. According to SearchWare Solutions:

SearchWare Solutions is proud to announce the release of Print Window 1.1, a utility for Mac OS X that allows printing of file listings directly from the Finder.

One feature (among many) that was found in previous versions of the Mac OS, but was left out of the Mac OS X Finder is the ability to print file listings directly from the Finder. Print Window 1.1 returns this functionality and expands on it.

Once Print Window has been installed, the user can simply open a window containing the file listing he or she wants to print and click on the Print Window icon in the dock. After setting a few options, a file listing of the current window will then be printed.

The new version brings many improvements, many of them user-requested, to
this easy-to-use utility. Among the improvements are the following:

  • Added an option to switch between the original "Names Only" layout and the new "Full List" layout
  • Printed filenames now display according to the useris filename extension preferences
  • Mac OS X Package files are now treated as files rather than folders (as they should be)
  • Minor interface adjustments in the Print Options window
  • StandardAlert now used for error dialogs
  • Added about window

You can find more information about the Print Window update at the Search Solutions Web site. Print Window 1.1 is available as freeware.