Updated AIMgadget Allows Easy Access To AIM Logs

David Norton has updated AIMgadget, a handy tool that makes viewing logs in the Classic Mac OS version of the AIM client easy. The new version includes bug fixes and new features. According to David Norton:

David Norton Media released today AIMgadget 2.1. The new version fixes some bugs, and allows you to delete individual favorites.]

AIMgadget is a free tool that allows you to easily view AOL Instant Messenger logs. It is available for Mac OS Classic.

New In Version 2.1

  • You can now use arrow keys (in addition to tab) to move from field to field.
  • The whole internal part of the favorites system has been reworked. It is now possible to delete individual favorites.
  • The preferred amount of memory has been raised.
  • Colored text now works if you have timestamp turned on in AIM.

You can get more information and download links for AIMgadget at David Nortonis Web site. AIMgadget is freeware.