Updated Beta Of OS X Word Processor Available

Stone Table Software has released an updated beat version of Z-Write for Mac OS X. Z-Write is a full-featured "non-linear" word processor, allowing users to store a wide variety of information types and formats in one file. According to Stone Table Software:

Stone Table Software is pleased to announce that Z-Write, the top-rated organizational word processor for writers, is now in beta-testing for Mac OS X.

Writers using Mac OS X are encouraged to test drive Z-Write 1.3 Beta C, available for free on the STS website. Beta C expires July 31, 2001.

The Mac OS X native version of Z-Write is scheduled to ship by Macworld Expo this summer.

Z-Write is the worldis first non-linear word processor. Instead of the nightmare of managing hundreds of separate word processing files of notes, ideas, chapters, revisions, character bios, bibliography information, quotations, website locations, etc., Z-Write allows the writer to store unlimited documents in a single file!

With support for unlimited Sections of information, Z-Write makes finding and organizing the disparate snippets of text associated with large writing projects a snap. Users are free to organize information any way they want. Move, combine, and print out just the Sections needed. Manage multiple versions of chapters, export a completed book as linked HTML files or Rich Text Format, even view multiple Sections at the same time.

Unlike a personal information manager (PIM), Z-Write is real word processor, designed for handling huge novels and complicated research projects. Unlike "idea managers," Z-Write knows that ultimately your Sections need to be combined to create a uniform piece of writing.

Z-Write eschews the bloat of many of todayis word processors, offering simplicity and elegance. Streamlined for writing, it stays out of your way so you can actually get work done.

Z-Write is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Stone Table Software Web site.