Updated Error Code Source From Bleu Rose

Bleu Rose Ltd. has released updates for Black & Bleu Std and Pro, bringing them to 7.0. Black & Bleu is a source for Mac OS error codes and is designed for pinpointing specific problems on a users system. The new version ships with support for OS X and an expanded error code library. According to Bleu Rose:

Bleu Rose Ltd. is pleased to announce version 7.0 of Black & Bleu Std. and Pro

Black & Bleu(tm) is an application that provides the most comprehensive collection of Macintosh OS error codes available anywhere (almost 6,000). More importantly, the database includes a detailed explanation and suggestions for dealing with many of these errors. In addition, over 500 Sad Mac error codes and all 30 PostScript error codes are included. Each comes with a detailed explanation.

This is the release youive been waiting for. The Mac OS X native version of Black & Bleu(tm) that has been waiting in our lab for over a year can now be released. Mac OS X has finally reached what we consider to be a stable platform for daily use. No changes were required to Black & Bleu simply because Apple released a new version of Mac OS X (10.2 - Jaguar).

Version 7 offers the following enhancements from the previous version:

  • Native support for Mac OS X (classic mode is NOT required)
  • 208 more error codes (for a total of 7,313 error codes) involving 4 new error categories and 5 existing ones
  • 13 more "long" (Mac OS X) error codes
  • An Edit menu option for copying the selected error name to the Clipboard
  • The PostScript error list is now a selectable Search feature
  • More explanations
  • More error phrases

You can find more information about the new versions of Black & Bleu at the Bleu Rose Ltd. Web site. Black & Bleu Std is available for US$29.00, and the Pro version is available for US$129.00.