Use REALbasic To Build Carbon Apps

Real Software has released a new version of REALbasic 3. Version 3.0a8 gives developers a chance to see what creating Carbonized applications is like, and also provides all the necessary tools to build apps with the Aqua interface. Of course, the new version allows programs to be compiled for OS 9, and features a host of bug fixes. According to Real Software:

We are proud to announce the availability of the REALbasic 3.0a8. Using this alpha release gives you the chance to learn about new features in REALbasic early, work with Carbon, and participate in setting the direction for the next release. It runs on and compiles for both Classic (7.61 to Mac OS 9) and Mac OS X Public Beta. It uses Carbon and the Aqua User Interface for both the IDE and the compiled applications when running in Mac OS X, and Platinum in Classic.

This release is a bug-squashing fiesta! There are a number of fixes regarding event and control-order issues on Windows (some of these fixes affect workarounds, so read the release notes). The database issues in alpha 7 are also fixed. And more!

You can find more information, and try the REALbasic alpha version, at the Real Software web site.