Use Your iPod as a News Reader

The iPod is so versatile that if it were from the Star Trek universe, it would be a Tricorder. Thatis why I love finding new ways to make my iPod even more useful, and Pod2Go does just that. Pod2Go downloads RSS news feeds, weather reports, movie listings, music lyrics, driving directions, gas prices and more. It can also launch applications, run AppleScripts and Automator workflows, automatically backup data from your Mac, and even copy music from your iPod back to your Mac.

Pod2Go turns your iPod into a portable databank.

I use Pod2Go every day to keep up on news and other current events, and to locate the cheapest gas prices in my area. It is compatible with all iPod models except the shuffle, and runs on Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher. You can download it at the Kainjow Web site, and it only costs US$15.