Usenet Download Utility Update From Eridanus

Eridanus has released a maintenance update for Baker, bringing it to version 1.5.3. Baker is a Usenet download utility designed to simplify downloading files from Usenet newsgroups. The update includes several bug fixes including a corrupting file error. According to Eridanus:

Eridanus today released Baker 1.5.3.

Among the enhancements in this release of the OS X utility designed to ease common newsgroup related activities are:

A bug that caused files to become corrupted under certain conditions has been fixed. If you had re-defined the default folders in the Baker Preferences window or if you had a newsgroup being downloaded to a user-defined folder, Baker would eventually corrupt files. This no longer happens: the files are saved normally.

Also fixed several minor bugs that caused overview and article queues to be left behind when a newsgroup was deleted.

In addition a bug that prevented the creation of filters based on Cross Post information has finally been removed.

You can find more information about the Baker update at the Eridanus Web site. Baker 1.5.3 is available for US$35.00.