User Group Audio Report Online

The MUG Center has announced that the June Audio Report is now online and ready for your consumption. The Audio Report is a collection of relevant sound bites and interviews, and is hosted by Chuck Joiner and the Mac Showis Shawn King. According to the MUG Center:

The June User Group Report is online! A monthly audio file of interviews and news co-hosted by Shawn King and Chuck Joiner, The User Group Report is available in QuickTime format as a downloadable .mov file. It can be found on The Daily Report site as well as The MUG Center, and it is available free to any Macintosh User Group who would like to include it on their web site. For more information, see The User Group Report page.

This installment features an interview with Terry White of Adobe, who discusses the components their user group program, why they are a lead supporter of MUG events at Macworld Expo, and his own involvement as a leader of MacGroup Detroit.

USER GROUP UNIVERSITY UPDATE: The schedule and faculty for User Group University have been announced.

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

June 5
User Group Leader Chat - World Without Borders

June 6
User Group Focus - The Mac ShowGuest: Gail Glore of Wired Women and Content Coordinator for User Group University. User Group-only contest with prizes by Aladdin and Casady & Greene.

The Rest Of Us - MacOS X presentation by Brian Loose of Apple

MacValley User Group - Mike Descher and Brian Snoddy of Apple

June 7
Southern WI MUG - MacOS X presentation by Brian Loose of Apple

June 8
Long Island MUG - MacOS X presentation by Kevin Boland of Apple

You can find more information about all of the upcoming events at the MUG Center Web site.