User Groups Getting Pumped For MACWORLD

Macintosh User Group members are getting psyched for the upcoming MACWORLD Expo in New York City. To help the cause, expo organizers have extended the deadline for discounted MUG registration one more week, through June 25th. According to the MUG Center:

MACWORLD UPDATE: The deadline for free and discounted registration for Macintosh User Group Members, courtesy of IDG/Macworld Expo has been extended for one week, until June 25! If you havenit taken advantage of the free show floor pass or 15% discount on all conference packages, see your registered user group leader for the code which will give you access to the offer. But hurry, June 25 is the absolute last day.

MACWORLD UPDATE: Eight Macintosh User Groups will exhibit at Macworld Expo! The North East Macintosh User Group Booth will be hosted by the Long Island Macintosh Users Group and will include:

  • Boston Macintosh Users Group
  • Bux-Mont Macintosh Users Group
  • Hastings On Hudson MUG
  • Mac3DNY
  • Princeton Macintosh User Group

There will be daily drawings with prizes from Adobe and Aladdin and more Details and a floor plan are available. Plan to visit the booth when youire in New York in July.

The Coming Week On The MUG Event Calendar:

June 18
Spartanburg MUG - MacOS X presentation by Jack Quattlebaum of Apple

June 19
AppleCore of Memphis - MacOS X presentation by Jack Quattlebaum of Apple

June 20
MacNexus - MacOS X presentation and visit by Dave Marra and Garr Reynolds of Apple

June 21
Appleis User Group Advisory Board Chat - World Without Borders. This month: Apple UG Program David Roemer will be the featured guest.

Arizona MUG - MacOS X presentation by George Pafnutieff and visit by Garr Reynolds of Apple

Santa Barbara Mac Users Group - MacOS X presentation by Dave Marra of Apple

June 23
Apple Corps of Dallas - MacOS X presentation by Mike Sebastian of Apple

You can find all of the latest MUG related news at the MUG Center Web site.