Utility Helps Make A Return A Return

Softobe has updated their text formatting utility, Char11ToReturn, to version 1.4. The progam scans text files and converts misplace character 11 "returns" for proper character 13 "returns." The new version adds an AppleScript even for handling searches. According to Softobe:

What is new in version 1.4?

  • Added the Scripting Addition file "C11R" which performs the task by AppleScript. From within FMPro the user can avoid to send AppleEvents which are used to open the "Char11ToReturn" application. He can now execute a faster and simplier "Perform Apple Script" statement. The task will be executed quickly without opening the application. See the "ReadMe Scripting Addition" file.
  • The "replacement" routine is now much faster than previous version one, either in the Scripting Addition and the Application.

This shareware converts TextFiles substituting char11 into char 13 (the real Carriage Return). From within FileMaker, it ensures your exported TextFile has real carriage returns instead of the char11. The unregistered copies of this shareware always show the splashscreen about the author when quit, and cannot process TextFiles larger than 10Kb.


  • C11R reads a Text file chosen by the user.
  • C11R substitutes the char11 with char13.
  • C11R saves the file onto the original file chosen.
  • C11R converts a 1Mbyte TexFile in round 2 seconds.
  • Of course you can use files longer than 1Mbyte (and without increasing the application memory!).
  • Also available by AppleScript command - Char11ToReturn "fileName" - using the scripting addition included.

Char11ToReturn is available as shareware for US$20. You can find more information at the Softobe web site.