VMware Fusion 1.1.2 Adds Time Machine Support, More

VMware announced on Thursday that Fusion 1.1.2, a free update, has added improved support for MacBook Air, enables Time Machine backup of virtual machines, adds support for XP SP3 Boot Camp partitions and more. The update is also now localized to Simplified Chinese.

"VMware Fusion 1.1.2 addresses two MacBook Air-related problems. Previously, MacBook Air users would encounter a crash if a virtual CD/DVD drive was connected to the virtual machine but a CD/DVD drive was not connected to the MacBook Air. This update fixes this issue. Also, this latest VMware Fusion update adds the ability to burn CD/DVDs with the MacBook Air?s USB Superdrive," according to the Team Fusion Blog.

Other fixes include:

  • Properly disconnect USB devices left connected to the virtual machine at shut down, making the USB devices available again to the Mac.
  • Addresses problem with wireless bridged networking in some cases not being able to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server.
  • Fixes a sound problem where only the default speaker worked in some cases.
  • Pressing the newly-introduced keys on the new slim Apple Aluminum Keyboard caused VMware Fusion to crash in certain circumstances.? This has now been fixed.
  • VMware Fusion?s keyboard shortcuts to remap common Windows commands to Mac keyboard equivalents could not be disabled previously in Full Screen or Single Window views
  • In some cases, VMware Fusion, after being upgraded to Version 1.1.1, would fail with a Signal 10 error when the user tried to use the keyboard. This problem has been fixed.

VMWareis Fusion is a virtualization product for Mac OS X that allows other operating systems to be run natively, as guest OSes, similar to Parallels Desktop. VMWare Fusion is priced at US$79.99. Currently, a $20 mail-in rebate is offered.