Valentia Offers Host Of New Features

Paradigma Software has updated their database application, Valentia, to version 1.8.8. Valentia is a powerful database application that can easily be tied into REALbasic, Web Siphon, Director, and other programming environments. According to Paradigma:


All Valentina platform developers (PLATFORM) will enjoy new improvements in release 1.8.8, as well as special features for Valentina for Director (V4MD) and Valentina for REALbasic users (V4RB).

  • PLATFORM: Four new data types - Medium, UMedium, FixedBinary and VarBinary;
  • PLATFORM: More choices on the number of database files.
  • V4RB: Improved Access to REALbasic Objects - Improvements in REALbasic class layers increase access speed from REALbasic objects;
  • V4MD: Better Record Handling - Ability to obtain and set values of fields as lists for records;
  • V4MD: Database Extension Customization - Set their own file extensions in Lingo for Valentina database files;
  • V4MD: Better Picture Handling - Now Pictures can be retrieved not only as cast members, but also as variables into Lingo;
  • V4MD: Improved Memory Handling - A new Object, MemBuffer, gives advanced Director developers enhanced control over allocating, accessing and releasing memory

Pricing for Valentia begins at US$49.95. You can find more information at the Paradigma Software Web site.